Pond waterfall.

Pond waterfall

Unique beauty of the pond waterfall. Have you ever heard a purl of water? The beauty of this sound cannot be rendered by any musical instrument. But you can create it with your own hands. The garden waterfall will hold

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Pond plants.

Pond plants

A great variety of water plants and their destination. When creating the pond, it is very important to render a miniature ecosystem, living and developing on its own. Pond plants are very useful, as well as the other plants. They

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Water gardens.

Water gardens

Fascination of the water garden. Ponds, streams and fountains always serve as the decoration and the center of attraction of any garden. They are considered as key elements of the landscape design. To those, who are especially fond of water,

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Koi pond.

Koi pond

Wonderful pond with Koi fish. If you want, that the pond on your plot to pleases your eyes and is useful for household, than you should farm Koi in it. The word “Koi” means “carp” in Japanese. It is still

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Fish pond.

Fish pond

Creation of a perfect fishing pond. Every landowner would like to have a reservoir on his plot. A little pond creates a special micro climate, acts as a watering source, removes excess water from the plot and, eventually, becomes a

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Pond liner.

Pond liner

Aesthetic and protective functions of the pond liner. Using pond liner, you’ll be able to create a little pond of almost any size and shape. It allows making a water reservoir natural and unique. Pond liner is used for the

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Pond ideas.

Pond ideas

Creative pond ideas. The popularity of the landscape design cannot be overestimated. Every summer resident and country-house owner wants his garden plot to be beautiful and bring aesthetical delight. The decoration of the garden pond is a very important aspect

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Backyard ponds.

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Creation and decoration of the backyard pond. An artificial pond on the garden plot is an exquisite addition to any masterpiece of landscape design. After all, even a small pond can emphasize beautifully decorated flower-bed, natural beauty of the alpine

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Pond design.

Pond design

Unusual designs of the garden ponds. The most picturesque part of any garden is a pond. It brightens up any landscape design, gives coolness, and unites the whole landscape complex into a single whole. Ponds are the centers of the

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